Who I am

Hi there! I’ll tell you a little bit about me, which is only fair if you are considering trusting me to do a reading for you!

I am an intuitive 48 year old woman, living in the Netherlands, Europe.
I’ve been properly educated by the School of Life (well, I am 48, things happen!). I’ve done numerous workshops and courses, varying from coaching & counseling to healing, intuitive development, soundhealing and two years of training with an English hedgewitch.

I do a variety of things; I’m ‘into’ crystals and crystal skulls, healing for Mother Earth, painting, writing, dowsing with dowsing rods, different types of readings.

Sometimes I do my own workshops on intuitive & personal development, coaching, sound-healing with shamanic instruments (Shaman drum, ocean drum, chimes, rattles, indoor type wind-roarer etc).

I like to offer what I’ve learnt to help other people. Of course I have bills to pay, so yes, I do ask money for what I have to offer!

Apart from all that, I’m a happy, single, optimistic woman, and rather down to earth.



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