Twin Flame v.s. Twin Soul Relationship

Many aren’t aware that these are not the same. Many refer to Twin Flames with “Twin Souls”. Theoretically this would be correct, but what is meant is NOT the same.
There are vast differences between the two relationships, but there are similarities as well which doesn’t help define what you’re dealing with.
Let’s visualize it:

– Twin Ray
– Twin Flame
– Twin Soul
– Soulmates
– Everybody else

As you can see the one and only other half is your Twin Ray. However, mankind has not ascended enough yet for it to be possible to meet your Twin Ray. Of course you are connected to your Twin Ray, energetically.
The next tier down is the Twin Flame. You have more than one. Yes. You really do, from what I understand you have 12 Twin Flames.
BUT… you can only ever meet one Twin Flame this life. Only one Twin Flame has reincarnated with you. The others are not on this planet.
Meaning the Twin Flame relationship is the highest vibrational relationship possible.

A tier lower you find the Twin Souls. You have more than one of those as well, 144 (do you notice the Sacred Geometric numbers here?)
Many of them have incarnated with you, so you can meet more than one Twin Soul during your life. They can be your friend, partner, family. Because this is still a very high vibrational relationship they will likely be someone you feel deeply for.

Soulmates, thousands of them. Oftentimes when you meet someone that makes you feel like you know them from somewhere, someone you have an instant click with, they’re a soulmate. Soulmates can enter your life for years, a day, a week or a mere few minutes. No matter what, they often bring you something beautiful. A lesson of sorts. They too are close to you, even though not nearly as close as a Twin Flame. You meet many soulmates in your lifetime, chances are that your friends are, or a neighbor you really like, a colleague you really get along with, siblings, your kids, your parents, or your partner.

Mostly the goal of the relationship.
The goal of a Twin Soul relationship is mostly personal. They help you to grow, they trigger your issues so you can work through them and by doing so raise your vibration. It helps cleanse your energy system from blockages: all issues and traumas are also to be found in your energy system.
Twin Souls usually mirror you like you wouldn’t believe, and because this triggers issues in you, such a relationship can be very tumultuous. Lots of conflict as you bang around to work out your issues and heal them.
Some Twin Soul relationships work out, aren’t as much of a roller-coaster ride as it is for others. This depends -as always- on where you are on your path. Maybe you’ve already worked out a lot of stuff in past lives with other Twin Souls, so there’s less ‘garbage’ left to clear out. Then the relationship can be a lot calmer. Twin Soul relationship do not always last… It can become too much, or maybe you need another Twin Soul to mirror different things in you so you can grow more. (I think maybe the reason why so many people these days divorce) This is good!! We aren’t meant to remain stagnant in a relationship that doesn’t make us happy and whole. We are meant to cleanse, work through issues, and grow. Expand. So we raise the vibration of mankind, the planet and everything on it.
Personal growth and development is the main goal of a Twin Soul relationship.

The goal of a Twin Flame relationship goes beyond personal. When you are ready for a Twin Flame relationship you have worked through most of your issues -with the help of Twin Souls in the past. This may have taken many lifetimes as we all had and have many wounds that need(ed) healing.
Because you have worked through most of your personal stuff, you are now ready to serve a higher purpose, together with your Twin Flame. This purpose is to experience unconditional love, which raises the vibration of mankind and the planet. It is not just you two, what you two create. The high vibration of Twin Flame love will connect with that of other Twin Flames. So together you create a very high vibrational field of unconditional love that will touch others all over the world. This will help other people to also raise their vibration and to grow and expand, to enter more loving and balanced relationships. When more people do so, the vibration of everything on our planet will go up even more.
This is the goal of a Twin Flame relationship. It is NOT personal, it is NOT the ultimate romantic love relationship. That’s NOT what it’s about. If you want that, you are better off in a soulmate relationship.
Why? Because it is NOT personal. It’s not about you getting all lovey dovey with another person, you are meant to serve a Higher Divine purpose…
Again, it is not about sitting on sofa, holding hands and feeding each other bonbons. It is about servitude. Not a 3D type of serving, which likely reminds you of plodding and slavery. I’m talking about a higher form of serving: As a soul we all came here with a goal, we all are love, we all want to give and share love, unconditionally. That type of serving is what I’m talking about. And that’s the type of serving that Twin Flames have to do.
Of course that’s not a mental decision, it’s what you’re ready for. What you want to do, what you long to do. It’s a Soul craving.
This is why you have to be ready for a Twin Flame relationship!! As long as you aren’t ready as an individual yet to do this kind of serving you aren’t ready. You will need to work through your personal stuff first so at some point you will be ready for it.
If reading that part about serving triggers resistance in you, you aren’t ready yet.
Good news is: That is okay! Where you are on your path is okay, regardless of where it is. It is just fine.

A bit more info on a Twin Flame relationship:
it isn’t always hunky dorey from the word go. Even though you have cleansed and worked through most of your issues, there are still some deeper things or last shreds of them that may need to be healed. For most that is the case. Oftentimes you aren’t aware of that, but a Twin Flame will trigger these things. They can do that because they touch you deeper than anyone else ever has before. So in a way they can get to things that even you may not have seen until they triggered you. In that sense they mirror you, but not like a Twin Soul does. It is different.
Nevertheless, it does mean you will have these things come up, and as they are the last and deepest hidden parts of issues, it can cause a lot of upheaval.
Isn’t that great! Just as you thought you worked through it all, more work to be done! But in my experience, this will go at the speed of light because you have the support of your Twin Flame AND because it truly are the last bits and pieces. You’ve already dumped the garbage bag, it’s cleaning the crumbs out of the bin that were left behind.
THIS AGAIN MEANS YOU HAVE TO BE READY: if you haven’t dumped the garbage bag yet, you cannot get to the crumbs.

And sorry to be so forceful about this, but so many people in the online Twin Flame community just don’t understand this concept. Feel it is about romantic love, finding ultimate love and living happily ever after. They don’t understand (yet) that first they have to do the work, that they have to get that garbage bag out of the bin in order to be ready for a connection like a Twin Flame.
And as Abraham Hicks says: There is no such thing as a quantum leap.
You cannot skip steps, there is no short-cut. Trust me, everyone who is with their Twin Flame has done the work. Many, many lifetimes, and mostly they’ve gone through more crappy stuff this life before they were ready to meet their Twin Flame.
It likely won’t go down well to hear, but most I’ve come across that seem to be with their Twin Flame -and not think they are out of co-dependency- are around 45-50 years old.
Most younger people I come across in the Twin Flame community who claim to be with their Twin Flame all display behavior and thoughts that clearly indicate they are not ready. And thus cannot be with their Twin Flame. They are likely with a Twin Soul.
Sorry… don’t shoot the messenger. But wanting to be with your Twin Flame doesn’t make you ready… Even more so, if you need to meet your Twin Flame, it’s a sign you aren’t ready. You are ready when you don’t need them, when you are not looking for them.
Embrace where you are on your path, albeit with a soulmate, Twin Soul or Twin Flame. Don’t try to make a quantum leap. Work on getting your growth by cleaning out any ‘garbage’ (issues, fears, insecurities, self-esteem). And trust that it will come. You do NOT need to be with your Twin Flame in order to be happy! Nor do you get a medal for meeting your Twin Flame.
Trust, embrace where you are, love yourself, and live a happy life.



Twin Flames, quite the journey!

I’d like to tell you a bit about my own personal experience with my Twin Flame. I’m going to mix it up with the things I’ve read and heard elsewhere.
If you’re reading this, you likely take an interest because you have met your Twin Flame or feel you are about to. I hope my story can contribute to your own discovery!

The reason I’m writing my story, while there’s already so much out there on the net, is quite simple: A lot of what I came across isn’t positive, sometimes not right (or at least I feel it isn’t, to each their own of course). What I’ve noticed in the ‘Twin Flame’ community -aka ‘talk about this subject on fora- is that there’s a lot of confusion when people first stumble upon the phenomenon. And a lot of negativity as there are many people who thought they had met their Twin Flame, only to have the relationship end up badly. Many of those who went through that got negative and sometimes even hostile towards people who have met their Twin Flame. Now I understand you can get hurt badly, haven’t we all been there at some point or other? But to start spewing negativity is such a shame. Not only for themselves, but also because it confuses many others who are still finding their way concerning Twin Flames and what it all means. And of course they feed this ‘cloud’ of negativity. I think there must be an ‘anti-Twin Flame’ collective by now, created by all this. I am smiling as I’m typing this, I like a bit of humour you see, but in actual fact it is quite sad to think that there is truth to it…
I am still shocked to see that some 90% or more of what is being discussed on fora about Twin Flames is negative and/or hostile.

So… I am aiming to spread some positive vibes about the subject. I think the ones who are with their Twin or take a serious interest can really do with it. I know I can!

Goal of Twin Flame Reunion & Reunion (or not)
From here on I will refer to Twin Flame with TF.
Many people hold the belief that getting together with your TF is about having the ultimate love relationship. It would be very romantic, but a TF relationship goes beyond the personal and individual needs and desires. Of course you can still have romance and love, but that is not the goal of this relationship. It truly is a union of two people who have done quite a lot of personal growth and have thus also worked through a lot of issues. Because of that, they have a broader understanding of life, the universe, and everything. Some may not really be consciously aware of that. I always find it difficult to phrase this correct, because oftentimes people perceive it as judgemental, and there’s nothing judgemental about it. Some are simply further on their path of development and where you are is just right. There’s no right and wrong, no better and no worse. Regardless of where you are, it is just right.
But people who are ready for a Twin Flame relationship have come far enough on their path to be able to handle a real high vibrational relationship with a goal that goes beyond personal.
The goal is to assist the ascension process of the individual and the planet. When TFs get together they generate an energy that will do this. The more TFs get together, the stronger this energy gets. And this combined energy helps to raise the energy of other people, to help them in their ascension process, to help them awaken. It also raises vibration of relationships all over the world. And all this higher energy will help the planet.
Of course this can only happen when TFs get together in love and joy. For many it is difficult, some never come to reunion, others break up.
Also bear in mind that not every TF couple is meant to come together in a romantic relationship (this life). The bond, however, can never be broken.
Why they don’t get or stay together… I’m not an expert. One could speculate. One TF or neither are truly ready yet for this high vibrational relationship. Or maybe reunion clashes with another task or lesson a soul has set out for this lifetime and the TFs will come together in another life. And maybe the person you feel is your TF is not truly your TF. I’ve seen this a lot online, and many people are very disappointed and hurt when they find out. But please remember, meeting and reuniting with your TF is not the ultimate goal in life. Finding true happiness in life is, and you do not need your TF for that. I repeat, you do NOT need your TF for that!
If nothing else, a TF relationship is not per say something to be envious of. Like I said before, it’s not about lovey dovey romantic stuff, it is about the higher goal. So it’s about serving a higher purpose, not about meeting Prince Charming or the Sleeping Beauty, walking off in the sunset together and living happily ever after.
Please, please bear that in mind!

What happens when you meet?
hart_vlamsThere’s an instant connection. You recognize each other. It feels good.
And in most cases you trigger each other. Old fears and doubts and insecurities come up in a way they have never come up before. This is because your TF is the other half of you and can touch you on deeper levels than anyone else could before.
You will have to work through all these ego things before the two of you can have reunion. Not just you, both. And since you cannot control what they are going to do, you can only do your own part of this process.
Typically you will not reunite until this purging is done. You can be in touch, involved even, but usually there will be circumstances that will prevent the two of you coming together. As in living together or getting closer, more involved. Oftentimes these circumstances are external, meaning they’re out of your control. This is to prevent you from prematurely rushing into something that won’t last when you or both aren’t ready yet while it’s meant to last (at some point, not necessarily this lifetime!!).
This purging, the things that come up, can be extremely intense. So much so that it can scare some off, meaning reuniting will become difficult or unlikely. One important thing to come to terms with is co-dependency. In a TF relationship there is no space for that. You both have to stand on your own two feet, not expect the other to fill in a void, and not make them responsible for your happiness. In a way they are the icing on the cake, you have to learn to make your own cake. So co-dependency and TF relationship do not go together. It has to be interdependent.
Logical, because if you cannot bake your own cake yet, need someone else to do this for you still, you are also not ready to carry the higher purpose of TFs. Again, this is not judgement on my part, nor punishment from the universe. It’s sheer logic. You cannot run when you haven’t learnt to walk just yet. And like we don’t punish a baby for not being able to walk or run right away, you shouldn’t punish yourself either. Things take time.
Some TFs might also do a runner because the connection is so deep that it scares them. It’s quite something to meet someone who is your other half, who truly gets you and can touch you in ways no one else has done before.

Here’s some interesting links for you if you want to know more. I only give links to sites that I feel are good and give solid info. And never to sites that come up with overly biased and/or negative views. That doesn’t serve TFs at all. I want to help build a ‘cloud’ of positive stuff about TFs. To nourish the positive TF collective 🙂
I hope you are with me on this! And by all means do check back, because I have more to tell.
In my next posting I will come up with a list of signs that he/she is likely to be your TF. And I will give you my personal experiences with that.
If you like my posting, please leave me a like and some feedback! It’s nice to be appreciated.

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Lots of love