Angel & Fairy Reading

This is one of my favourites! You will get a woolen fairy or angel and the reading info I get whilst making the lovely Fairy or Angel.
How it works: I intuitively tune into your energy when I start making the woolen fairy. I will sense what is important to you at this moment, sometimes I get information on your moods, physical problems, causes of issues, things from a past life that is still influencing you and so on. It is truly a full in depth reading that will give you insight in what’s important for you right now!
Needless to say the fairy or angel will always suit your personality! Most people are moved to tears when they see their Fairy or Angel! (Not kidding!! They really touch someone deep inside!)

Some examples of these lovely Fairies & Angels I get to make:


Your energy and vibe will ‘tell’ me which colours to use for her hair, clothes and the style of clothes and hairdo. No two fairies or angels are ever alike! I will also know why I use those colours and styles, they will resonate with you. For instance, if someone needs more passion or positive energy, the fairy will likely be  in yellows and maybe orange. I’ve even made a Merlin for a young boy, because he was strongly connected to Merlin!

I’ve made some 40 – 45 fairies and angels for men and women, boys and girls of all ages. The youngest 2 were babies, barely 1 year old!
I once made 9 for 1 family (6 children, mom and dad and her sister). The children were age 0-18 at the time. And each time I finished a fairy for one of them, they asked their mom “How can this lady (me) know this about me?”
And I have never met any of the people that asked me to make a fairy or angel for them, it just seems to work!

The Fairies & Angels come with a small crystal that is attached to it, as a pendant, or in her hands. The crystal is also intuitively chosen for you.
The price of the crystal and materials used to attach it, is included.

PLEASE SCROLL down to read the very sweet feedback I got for the latest fairy I made!

Want to order your own handmade Fairy or Angel?
Email me:
I will need your first name to be able to tune in, and your address for shipment of the Fairy/Angel.
When I know where you’re located, I can give you a quote on the postage cost (it is not a parcel and very lightweight).

Price of Fairy/Angel: €25 + postage (including crystal)
The Fairy or Angel = approx. 20 -22 cm tall

Payment: I will bill you using PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account yourself. You will receive the payment request in your mail and you can pay me using the link in there.

2 thoughts on “Angel & Fairy Reading”

  1. I really love the fairy you have made for me, it resonates with me so much, as did the reading that came with it too!
    You have helped me to remember who I am at the core and It is amazing to have a representation of that in this cute fairy! The colours are great and the meaning behind them ring true, for instance the connection with green, mother nature, and water, the crystals and choice of gemstone all fit into my current life and past life experiences, one in Atlantis, crystals and water 🙂
    I love the hairstyle you chose and it was the same hair colour as mine 🙂
    So thank you very much for your beautiful work and I highly recommend to others!
    I will definately purchase again in the future.
    A lovely gift I will cherish 🙂


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