Readings I Offer


I offer different types of readings
– Tarot cards
– Mixed cards (Tarot, several oracle card decks, colour therapy cards, Lenormand)
– Energy readings: I tune in to your aura and chakras to get the information that is needed
– Angel & Fairy reading: I will tune into your energy and make a wonderful woolen Angel or Fairy for you. During this creative process, I get a lot of information, a full reading! Read more here: Fairy & Angel reading info

All card readings are larger spreads, approx. 7-12 cards, depending on what’s needed.

A reading can help you gain insight in a situation, causes of issues or advice how best to continue.
A reading can be general or focused on a theme or aspect, for instance relationships and love or the theme of a situation (your lesson) or the theme of a year.
A general reading will typically come up with information that you need at this moment in time.
Usually a reading also gives advice for the proper course of action, so it gives you hands-on information that you can use to improve, alter or stimulate the situation.

A reading does not give answers to “Yes” and “No” questions. For instance “Will he come back to me?” cannot be answered. The reason for this is simple: Everyone has free choice and free will and has to make their own choices in life.
What can be answered are questions like “What can I do to improve/change this situation?” and “What caused this situation?” and “What can I do to attract love?”
The insight you will get from this, can help you to do what’s best for you.

Prices & How it works:
– Card readings €35:
You’ll get the reading via mail, if need be short consultation in case there are questions. This means 1 or 2 email exchanges.

– Energy Readings: €35
You’ll get the reading via mail, if need be short consultation in case there are questions. This means 1 or 2 email exchanges.

– Angel & Fairy Reading: €25 + postage (depends on your location)
INCLUDES Angel or Fairy and small crystal
You will get the reading via email, the woolen Angel or Fairy via regular mail in an envelope (it’s not a parcel and doesn’t weigh much).

If more consultation is needed, I feel it’s fair to charge for my time & energy.
My coaching fee: €20 per half hour (chat on FB or Skype – typing only – or 3 emails)

I bill you using PayPal, you receive the payment request in your mailbox. The link in there will allow you to pay me.

Want to order your reading?
Email me:
to let me know what you want information on. I will need your first name to be able to tune in and do the reading.

A reading is never replacement for professional help!

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