Mixed Card Readings

An oracle card reading will be approx 7 – 15 cards, depending on what’s needed.
I currently have 6 different oracle card decks (for a list see below). Some give great answers to specific questions, i.e.
– Romance Angels for relationship & love
– Enchanted Map for where you are in your processes, but also great for advice!
– Colour Therapy cards for what is healing for you
and so on.

Mixed readings will thus give great depth and insight! 

Cards I may use for mixed readings:
– Colour Therapy cards
– Romance Angels
– Ascended Masters
– Angel Therapy
– Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
– Enchanted Map
– Tarot
– Lenormand

PRICE Mixed Card Reading: €35
PAYMENT: I bill via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account for this. You’ll receive the payment request in your mail and can pay using the link in it.

A reading can help you gain insight in a situation, causes of issues or advice how best to continue.
A reading can be general or focused on a theme or aspect, for instance relationships and love or the theme of a situation (your lesson) or the theme of a year.
A general reading will typically come up with information that you need at this moment in time.
Usually a reading also gives advice for the proper course of action, so it gives you hands-on information that you can use to improve, alter or stimulate the situation.

A reading does not give answers to “Yes” and “No” questions. For instance “Will he come back to me?” cannot be answered. The reason for this is simple: Everyone has free choice and free will and has to make their own choices in life.
What can be answered are questions like “What can I do to improve/change this situation?” and “What caused this situation?” and “What can I do to attract love?”
The insight you will get from this, can help you to do what’s best for you.

A reading is never replacement for professional help!

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