Doing Card Readings

Romance Angel Card

Somewhere around November I suddenly felt like doing card readings. I had been drawn to this wonderful Romance Angels deck by Doreen Virtue for quite some time and I decided to get it in. It was my Christmas pressie to self.
My new oracle cards arrived the beginning of December. But the thing with these cards is, they’re about love and relationships and there’s only so much you can ask for yourself, however fun it may be to keep drawing one card after the other.

I decided to offer a limited number of 1-card readings on my spiritual forum and 10 on Facebook. And of course everyone wanted a reading. I started the readings, and I could feel myself connecting to this lovely deck straight away. Within 2 days I had done 20-25 card readings, and yes, that was a bit over the top! But everyone was extremely pleased and some were surprised by the accuracy of the cards. A couple of people were deeply touched by the message of their card, and required a bit of coaching. Very rewarding to do, pleasing so many people.
A few days later I offered another 10 on Facebook, and after that everybody was happy. Including me, because I’d had ample opportunity to get connected to and familiar with my new deck.

Having done those readings, I had an appetite for more! And I was inspired to create my own spread for a New Year reading. I had never really successfully created a spread, but the last time I had tried (yonks ago) I wasn’t as experienced with card readings as I am now.
I decided I wanted to do a spread with several different decks and I succeeded! Using about 5 different oracle decks, my Tarot and Lenormand I did the spread for myself, and was happy with the result.
Of course I wanted to put it to the test a bit more, and I offered it on my own forum. Only three, as this was going to be a lot more work than a 1-card reading. And .. it was very successful! All three were very pleased! Two mentioned that it was a true gift and 1 even said it was one of the best readings she’d ever had. Wow!
In the meantime more forum members had shown interest, but I didn’t want to do more of these large readings, instead I offered to do an abridged version. Using part of the larger spread, dumping some positions, ending up with a 4 or 5 card spread. And it also worked really well!
A lot of fun to do, but also time & energy consuming!

What I got out of doing this:
– Sheer practice
– More experience on how to make a spread, and one important lesson concerning that: you can have too many cards in a spread. Narrowing it down a bit more can still give you accuracy, and it’s a little less time consuming.
– It was wonderful to work with more than one deck, I had never done that before. I feel it can give more insight and depth to a reading.
– And another gem: I finally connected with my Enchanted Map deck! I really, really wanted it, but when I got it, felt it didn’t speak to me. I was even thinking of selling it. Now it opened up to me and I feel it’s one of the best decks I’ve got! Go figure!

In the meantime I got yet another beautiful deck in, the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. And thoroughly enjoying it!



New Year & Feng Shui

One week into the new year, and off to a great start!
I had my own private fireworks show in my garden (the neighbours at the back clearly got money to spend!), we had the full moon on the 5th, which felt really great! In actual fact it helped inspire me to get my new website going, and if you’re reading this, you have found it!

I really felt like making a fresh start, so I cleaned up all the Christmas deco on the 2nd. Normally I am reluctant to get rid of the tree, now it was like cleaning up what belonged to 2014.
Once all the boxes with Christmas deco were back in the loft, I wanted to do something new with the corner the tree had been in. According to Feng Shui, that is the relationship corner, and I felt it could use a boost. I’m single, but I don’t intend to remain that way. So I got out a little square white shelf I’d had for months, my drill and screws, and I got on with it. I put the shelf 50 cm above the floor, like a mini altar, which is what I’d had in mind.
Fountain small I got out my little room fountain and put that on the shelf. The fountain is like a niche with a bench in it, and on it is a love couple, embracing and kissing each other. I put rose quartz tumbles and small red roses around it. Plugged it in and wow! The gentle trickling sound of water, the light underneath the love couple, it felt so right!

I’m also working on applying Feng Shui in my bedroom.
Apparently you should remove family pictures, cuddly toys and the likes from your bedroom. Basically everything that doesn’t have a romantic vibe.
That made me thing of the embroidered cushions on my bed. I really like them, but I also remember my ex’s reaction when he first stayed the night a long time ago. He picked up one of the cushions, decorated with shimmering beads, chucking it out with the words: “I don’t want to wake up in the morning thinking I’m a faggot!”
Even though it made me laugh, I felt he was overreacting. But now, having heard this thing about cuddly items in the bedroom, I’m thinking that maybe I should have taken his reaction more seriously (what did I know? You live and learn, right!) So maybe I should put the cushions elsewhere. I will sulk about that though!

I have a few landscape paintings above my bed, I made them myself. And they got to go somewhere, so why not there? But lovely as they are, they don’t inspire love and romance, but rather solitude and serenity.
I want a different painting there, one that does inspire love, maybe a little passion, as I’m quite a passsionate person. I still had a large canvas to paint, so I prepped it. The theme for the painting will be “Love, Romance & Passion”.
And you know what? I haven’t a clue what should go on there? Isn’t that something! I’m trying to visualize what love, romance and passion mean to me, so I can paint it. And I really don’t know!

For now it remains a white canvas. Sort of like my love life ..