Orion in the Sky

Yes! Made a really nice new painting today! Something completely different and it was a lot of fun to do!

I give you Orion in the Sky:

Orion in the Sky

It’s not huge, but I love it! It’s 40 x 30 cm (16″ x 12″), oil paint. € 65,00 (approx. $70).
It can ship worldwide, shipment not included in price.

Mount Shasta

I’ve never been to mount Shasta, but it is said to be a very magickal place with strong connections to Lemuria. Lemuria is a realm from before Atlantis, more matriarchal whereas Atlantis was more patriarchal.
There’s a lot more to Mt Shasta than this. Apparently there have been all kinds of weird phenomenon and sightings near and over Mount Shasta. Varying from spaceships, Bigfoot, and odd lights.
I haven’t been there myself, but I hope that one day I can see and feel it for myself!

For now, I make do with beautiful pictures, and one inspired me to paint Mt Shasta!
So I proudly present my latest work, and you’ll have to take my word for it, my artwork is a lot better than the quality of my camera. In a way it’s a good thing, because when people see or buy my paintings, they are pleasantly surprised that the real deal looks so much better than the picture!

Here we go: Mount Shasta!
Oil paint, 50 x 40 cm (20 x 16″), © 2015, € 85,00 (approx. $95)

Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta

Creative Flow

It’s funny how creativity flows from one thing to the next and back again.
There are a great many things I like to do, writing, painting, drumming, gardening, (card) readings. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do them all.
Now I had been writing for months on end, working on my novels. And suddenly come July, I lost my drive. A bit weird, as I’d been writing for hours a day, every day, and was getting close to finishing the first book of the sequel. But without inspiration, creativity doesn’t work, so I decided to let it slide. For now. I WILL finish my books and publish though!
And then something else comes up. Another passion. Which turned out to be drumming and painting.
I heard “Hard to Handle” by the Black Crowes on the radio, and suddenly I wanted to get behind the kit! And I did. And enjoyed it tremendously! So much so, that I wanted to play more.
The songs that I used to play didn’t appeal to me anymore, so I started looking for new songs. And I found Metallica “Sad but True”. Pretty awesome to play drums to, and so much fun!
I added “Baba O’Reilly” to my playlist by The Who. I played that before in the past, on a much better kit though. My cymbals aren’t really all that brilliant, I haven’t got a cowbell or a splash. But I did buy myself rototoms two weeks ago. Absolutely happy about that! I use them when I attempt to play INXS’ “Original Sin”.
At the moment I’m playing drums almost on a daily basis. Thank goodness my neighbour is gone a lot, so I’m not bothering anyone with it!

Apart from drumming, I also felt like painting again. I got myself a few canvases and so far have made three new paintings, the last of which I’m still working on. One of them, Full Moon in the Woods, can be found under “Paintings for Sale”.
I’ll show you two of the others here.

This is Winter Night. Really nice to do, with all the blues. I love blue, all shades, and working with mainly blue was … different! It is for sale and can be shipped worldwide. The painting is E65 plus shipment, oil paint, 50 x 40 cm.

A work in progress, but in spite of that I’m very proud of this work! It’s called “Out of the Woods”. It’s part of a sequel about me and my life. Meaning this one won’t be up for sale when it’s done. Sorry!

Out of the Woods

I’m working on another one of Mt Shasta, the mountain in northern California with Lemurian connections and energy. But I’m not showing you that one just yet. I will soon though, once I’ve finished painting some evergreens and trees to finish it off!

Now that I’m painting so much again, I decided I want (and need) better brushes. And I wanted some of Bob Ross’ brushes. They seem to work really well, his fan brushes look a lot better than the ones I got, so I figured I’d give them a whirl. Now these brushes aren’t really cheap when I buy them here in Holland. And buying them in the States is pretty pointless as the added customs fees will make them even more expensive than the ones I can buy here. In the end I found a seller in Germany who offers Bob Ross’ brushes for a really good price. Even cheaper than the ones in the States.
I’ve ordered them, and hopefully I will get them in real soon! Can’t wait to see them and try them on the canvas.
I might wait with painting the evergreens around Mt Shasta till I have the new fan brush in 🙂

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!
Remain positive and enjoy life whenever you can!


New Paintings!

More paintings for sale! 
My latest work:

Full Moon in the Woods
Oil paint on framed canvas – 40 x 50 cm (20 x 16″), € 75,00 (approx. $84)

Full Moon in the Woods

oil paint on framed canvas, 50 x 50 cm, © 2015, € 85,00


Acrylics on framed canvas, 40 x 30 cm, © 2014, € 55,00