Twin Flame Signs – Part 1

How to tell if someone is your Twin Flame or not? This is a bit tricky, as the similarities with a Twin Soul or Soul Mate relationship can be substantial.
Mostly people say “You’ll know he/she is your Twin Flame!” but even that can be tricky, because when the ego is involved… We can so want someone to be that one other half of our soul, that we cannot see clearly. Or we can simply not trust our own inner voice and intuition.
It can be handy to go through a list of signs that could indicate you indeed have met your Twin Flame.
So here it goes!

(TF = Twin Flame)

– Strong sense that you know each other
There’s an instant connection and a feeling you have known each other before.
In my case: Yes. One way or another he looked familiar, in another way he did not as I’d never seen him before this life. That first meeting was odd because it felt so familiar. It was like coming home. Belonging. Being where I was supposed to be; in his arms. Truly home. He felt the same way. We couldn’t stop touching each other. Nothing sexual, just touching, feeling. We simply had to feel each other. That always reminds me of the lyrics of “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld; “I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you.” That’s what it felt like, as if we’d been starved for one another and had to refill a void we didn’t even know we had. And I’m not talking about a void inside that you should fill yourself. It is not the same as the ‘co-dependency void’.

– eye-contact is intense and special
 Most say that when you look in your TF’s eyes you see yourself. Maybe that is the case for some, but I don’t feel that way. So if you don’t either, it’s not a given that they aren’t your TF. However, eye-contact is extremely intense, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. It does go deep, it is an energy exchange of sorts, it’s mesmerizing. Oftentimes I find it difficult to break eye-contact because it feels so good. When we have a special moment of eye-contact, it fills me with joy, warmth. My heart (chakra) opens up, I can totally lose myself in his eyes without losing myself, if that makes sense. I don’t even want to speak during such moments, I just want to revel in the eye-contact. It’s difficult to describe it, but trust me, it’s amazing. But I don’t consciously feel like “Hey, I’m looking at myself.”
Him: When he looks in my eyes he often has this sense of “I have known you before.” Especially when I laugh and he is looking in my eyes. As our gazes meet and I laugh, he feels like he knows my laugh, that he’s seen and heard it before.
So yes, eye-contact is important, special. Unusual in one way or another.
Eyes are the mirrors of our soul, and I feel with your TF they are the way ‘in’. Eye-contact allows you to get to the core with your TF. Like a portal to the his/her soul. I think with other people there’s more masks and walls etc. With your TF those aren’t really there. That’s why it’s so deep.

– Distance: You often don’t live close together
This is mostly so that you can work out your own things before you reunite. You sometimes read that people are in another country or on another continent even. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Distance is perceived differently in different countries. For an American or Australian a 1 hour drive is peanuts. In my country it’s “Dang, that’s quite the drive!” The way literal distance is an obstruction also depends on various factors. For instance, a 1 hr drive in my country can sometimes take 2-3 hours. My country is small, and tends to be one major traffic-jam. Money is a factor as well. If your TF is on the other side of the world and neither has money to travel to meet… Big problem. If you have a nice job and money isn’t such a big deal, you’d shrug, buy the ticket and go.
So don’t take distance too literal. For some a 1000 miles could be easier to overcome than a 100 miles for others.
In my case: we are 2 hours apart, and yes, that is quite the obstacle.

– External circumstances make it difficult to be / get together
This is for the same reasons as what I said under “Distance”. Of course distance itself is also an external circumstance, but there can also be other factors involved. Work, study, family, whatever. But mostly these obstructing factors are external, out of your control. I think these can and will be dissolved when both are ready for reunion.
In my case: His work situation. (and being 2 hours apart)
Benefit: We both still have our own things to work out before we can be together. I still get triggered an awful lot and he also has some wounds that need more healing. Had we been closer together and/or had his work not been a factor, we would’ve been together very often because the longing is so intense. We would not be able to stop it. The chances of us making it would be reduced by that, because this purging really is necessary if we want to get to a stable relationship.

– Energy between you / heart chakra opening
Your heart beat quickens when you’re together, or you feel your heart chakra opening, pulsing.
In my case: We met and hugged -I’d promised him a hug-, grin- he mentioned that he felt a lot of energy between us. Heat. He still often feels that. He’s also mentioned that he felt heat high up on my back, the backside of my Higher Heart chakra (thymus chakra).
I mostly feel my heart chakra pulsing, opening wide. This feeling can be so strong it’s almost painful. I also get that when I think of him.

– You trigger each other
This connection is meant to be pure and high so that you can fulfill the higher purpose of this reunion for mankind and the planet. That means that any issues you still have that can obstruct this will have to be worked out. If you still have (ego) issues to work out, fears, doubts, insecurities etc., they will surface and they can be totally overwhelming. This is a process that should be embraced. It’s purging, healing, making you more whole as an individual. And it is imperative to get to reunion and/or to make reunion work. That doesn’t mean it’s pleasant, nor easy.
It mostly has to do with getting rid of any co-dependency. A TF relationship can never have co-dependency. It is not possible. To be ready for this union you have to get rid of any such issues. This because of the higher purpose of this reunion.
Because what comes up can be so overwhelming you get the ‘runner & chaser’ thing that you read about so often. Some can’t handle the things that come up and run away from the connection. Often the other ends up chasing, overgiving and so on.
My case: Did I get triggered? Hell yes! Meeting him is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me, at the same time it was like getting on a wild roller-coaster ride. I’m still on it, although the ride gets smoother.
Did he get triggered, yes. We were both overwhelmed by the depth of the connection, and by the speed that connection was made. It wasn’t even made, it was simply there from the moment I opened my front door and we laid eyes on each other.

– Accelerated growth
Most say you go through accelerated spiritual growth. I say you go through accelerated growth. Not necessarily spiritual. Spiritual is a vague statement anyways. I rather speak of “personal growth”. Spiritual growth IS personal growth, yet not everyone considers personal growth to be spiritual, hence me making this distinction.
You will grow because of what gets triggered by the other. And you work through these things real fast. Fast is relative, let’s say ‘faster than you would have without your TF.” So it can still take 2 years, or longer, but then it would have taken you 10 years without your TF. So it’s still fast.
I know I’m being elaborate, but I want people to really understand and not think “Fast means approx 2 weeks. I can’t do it in 2 weeks, so he/she isn’t my TF.”
You will also grow spiritually, but I feel this is very different for everyone. You may become more intuitive, sensitive.
My Case: I already was very intuitive and sensitive, and I don’t feel this increased after I met him. It is easier for me to get in touch with my Higher Self, the real ‘me’, because he truly sees me for who I am. And I can really be authentic around him because he doesn’t judge. That makes it far easier for me to connect with my Higher Self. So in that sense you could say it did stimulate my spiritual growth.

So far part 1 of the signs. There will be more!


Twin Flames, quite the journey!

I’d like to tell you a bit about my own personal experience with my Twin Flame. I’m going to mix it up with the things I’ve read and heard elsewhere.
If you’re reading this, you likely take an interest because you have met your Twin Flame or feel you are about to. I hope my story can contribute to your own discovery!

The reason I’m writing my story, while there’s already so much out there on the net, is quite simple: A lot of what I came across isn’t positive, sometimes not right (or at least I feel it isn’t, to each their own of course). What I’ve noticed in the ‘Twin Flame’ community -aka ‘talk about this subject on fora- is that there’s a lot of confusion when people first stumble upon the phenomenon. And a lot of negativity as there are many people who thought they had met their Twin Flame, only to have the relationship end up badly. Many of those who went through that got negative and sometimes even hostile towards people who have met their Twin Flame. Now I understand you can get hurt badly, haven’t we all been there at some point or other? But to start spewing negativity is such a shame. Not only for themselves, but also because it confuses many others who are still finding their way concerning Twin Flames and what it all means. And of course they feed this ‘cloud’ of negativity. I think there must be an ‘anti-Twin Flame’ collective by now, created by all this. I am smiling as I’m typing this, I like a bit of humour you see, but in actual fact it is quite sad to think that there is truth to it…
I am still shocked to see that some 90% or more of what is being discussed on fora about Twin Flames is negative and/or hostile.

So… I am aiming to spread some positive vibes about the subject. I think the ones who are with their Twin or take a serious interest can really do with it. I know I can!

Goal of Twin Flame Reunion & Reunion (or not)
From here on I will refer to Twin Flame with TF.
Many people hold the belief that getting together with your TF is about having the ultimate love relationship. It would be very romantic, but a TF relationship goes beyond the personal and individual needs and desires. Of course you can still have romance and love, but that is not the goal of this relationship. It truly is a union of two people who have done quite a lot of personal growth and have thus also worked through a lot of issues. Because of that, they have a broader understanding of life, the universe, and everything. Some may not really be consciously aware of that. I always find it difficult to phrase this correct, because oftentimes people perceive it as judgemental, and there’s nothing judgemental about it. Some are simply further on their path of development and where you are is just right. There’s no right and wrong, no better and no worse. Regardless of where you are, it is just right.
But people who are ready for a Twin Flame relationship have come far enough on their path to be able to handle a real high vibrational relationship with a goal that goes beyond personal.
The goal is to assist the ascension process of the individual and the planet. When TFs get together they generate an energy that will do this. The more TFs get together, the stronger this energy gets. And this combined energy helps to raise the energy of other people, to help them in their ascension process, to help them awaken. It also raises vibration of relationships all over the world. And all this higher energy will help the planet.
Of course this can only happen when TFs get together in love and joy. For many it is difficult, some never come to reunion, others break up.
Also bear in mind that not every TF couple is meant to come together in a romantic relationship (this life). The bond, however, can never be broken.
Why they don’t get or stay together… I’m not an expert. One could speculate. One TF or neither are truly ready yet for this high vibrational relationship. Or maybe reunion clashes with another task or lesson a soul has set out for this lifetime and the TFs will come together in another life. And maybe the person you feel is your TF is not truly your TF. I’ve seen this a lot online, and many people are very disappointed and hurt when they find out. But please remember, meeting and reuniting with your TF is not the ultimate goal in life. Finding true happiness in life is, and you do not need your TF for that. I repeat, you do NOT need your TF for that!
If nothing else, a TF relationship is not per say something to be envious of. Like I said before, it’s not about lovey dovey romantic stuff, it is about the higher goal. So it’s about serving a higher purpose, not about meeting Prince Charming or the Sleeping Beauty, walking off in the sunset together and living happily ever after.
Please, please bear that in mind!

What happens when you meet?
hart_vlamsThere’s an instant connection. You recognize each other. It feels good.
And in most cases you trigger each other. Old fears and doubts and insecurities come up in a way they have never come up before. This is because your TF is the other half of you and can touch you on deeper levels than anyone else could before.
You will have to work through all these ego things before the two of you can have reunion. Not just you, both. And since you cannot control what they are going to do, you can only do your own part of this process.
Typically you will not reunite until this purging is done. You can be in touch, involved even, but usually there will be circumstances that will prevent the two of you coming together. As in living together or getting closer, more involved. Oftentimes these circumstances are external, meaning they’re out of your control. This is to prevent you from prematurely rushing into something that won’t last when you or both aren’t ready yet while it’s meant to last (at some point, not necessarily this lifetime!!).
This purging, the things that come up, can be extremely intense. So much so that it can scare some off, meaning reuniting will become difficult or unlikely. One important thing to come to terms with is co-dependency. In a TF relationship there is no space for that. You both have to stand on your own two feet, not expect the other to fill in a void, and not make them responsible for your happiness. In a way they are the icing on the cake, you have to learn to make your own cake. So co-dependency and TF relationship do not go together. It has to be interdependent.
Logical, because if you cannot bake your own cake yet, need someone else to do this for you still, you are also not ready to carry the higher purpose of TFs. Again, this is not judgement on my part, nor punishment from the universe. It’s sheer logic. You cannot run when you haven’t learnt to walk just yet. And like we don’t punish a baby for not being able to walk or run right away, you shouldn’t punish yourself either. Things take time.
Some TFs might also do a runner because the connection is so deep that it scares them. It’s quite something to meet someone who is your other half, who truly gets you and can touch you in ways no one else has done before.

Here’s some interesting links for you if you want to know more. I only give links to sites that I feel are good and give solid info. And never to sites that come up with overly biased and/or negative views. That doesn’t serve TFs at all. I want to help build a ‘cloud’ of positive stuff about TFs. To nourish the positive TF collective 🙂
I hope you are with me on this! And by all means do check back, because I have more to tell.
In my next posting I will come up with a list of signs that he/she is likely to be your TF. And I will give you my personal experiences with that.
If you like my posting, please leave me a like and some feedback! It’s nice to be appreciated.

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Lots of love

Doing Card Readings

Romance Angel Card

Somewhere around November I suddenly felt like doing card readings. I had been drawn to this wonderful Romance Angels deck by Doreen Virtue for quite some time and I decided to get it in. It was my Christmas pressie to self.
My new oracle cards arrived the beginning of December. But the thing with these cards is, they’re about love and relationships and there’s only so much you can ask for yourself, however fun it may be to keep drawing one card after the other.

I decided to offer a limited number of 1-card readings on my spiritual forum and 10 on Facebook. And of course everyone wanted a reading. I started the readings, and I could feel myself connecting to this lovely deck straight away. Within 2 days I had done 20-25 card readings, and yes, that was a bit over the top! But everyone was extremely pleased and some were surprised by the accuracy of the cards. A couple of people were deeply touched by the message of their card, and required a bit of coaching. Very rewarding to do, pleasing so many people.
A few days later I offered another 10 on Facebook, and after that everybody was happy. Including me, because I’d had ample opportunity to get connected to and familiar with my new deck.

Having done those readings, I had an appetite for more! And I was inspired to create my own spread for a New Year reading. I had never really successfully created a spread, but the last time I had tried (yonks ago) I wasn’t as experienced with card readings as I am now.
I decided I wanted to do a spread with several different decks and I succeeded! Using about 5 different oracle decks, my Tarot and Lenormand I did the spread for myself, and was happy with the result.
Of course I wanted to put it to the test a bit more, and I offered it on my own forum. Only three, as this was going to be a lot more work than a 1-card reading. And .. it was very successful! All three were very pleased! Two mentioned that it was a true gift and 1 even said it was one of the best readings she’d ever had. Wow!
In the meantime more forum members had shown interest, but I didn’t want to do more of these large readings, instead I offered to do an abridged version. Using part of the larger spread, dumping some positions, ending up with a 4 or 5 card spread. And it also worked really well!
A lot of fun to do, but also time & energy consuming!

What I got out of doing this:
– Sheer practice
– More experience on how to make a spread, and one important lesson concerning that: you can have too many cards in a spread. Narrowing it down a bit more can still give you accuracy, and it’s a little less time consuming.
– It was wonderful to work with more than one deck, I had never done that before. I feel it can give more insight and depth to a reading.
– And another gem: I finally connected with my Enchanted Map deck! I really, really wanted it, but when I got it, felt it didn’t speak to me. I was even thinking of selling it. Now it opened up to me and I feel it’s one of the best decks I’ve got! Go figure!

In the meantime I got yet another beautiful deck in, the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. And thoroughly enjoying it!


New Year & Feng Shui

One week into the new year, and off to a great start!
I had my own private fireworks show in my garden (the neighbours at the back clearly got money to spend!), we had the full moon on the 5th, which felt really great! In actual fact it helped inspire me to get my new website going, and if you’re reading this, you have found it!

I really felt like making a fresh start, so I cleaned up all the Christmas deco on the 2nd. Normally I am reluctant to get rid of the tree, now it was like cleaning up what belonged to 2014.
Once all the boxes with Christmas deco were back in the loft, I wanted to do something new with the corner the tree had been in. According to Feng Shui, that is the relationship corner, and I felt it could use a boost. I’m single, but I don’t intend to remain that way. So I got out a little square white shelf I’d had for months, my drill and screws, and I got on with it. I put the shelf 50 cm above the floor, like a mini altar, which is what I’d had in mind.
Fountain small I got out my little room fountain and put that on the shelf. The fountain is like a niche with a bench in it, and on it is a love couple, embracing and kissing each other. I put rose quartz tumbles and small red roses around it. Plugged it in and wow! The gentle trickling sound of water, the light underneath the love couple, it felt so right!

I’m also working on applying Feng Shui in my bedroom.
Apparently you should remove family pictures, cuddly toys and the likes from your bedroom. Basically everything that doesn’t have a romantic vibe.
That made me thing of the embroidered cushions on my bed. I really like them, but I also remember my ex’s reaction when he first stayed the night a long time ago. He picked up one of the cushions, decorated with shimmering beads, chucking it out with the words: “I don’t want to wake up in the morning thinking I’m a faggot!”
Even though it made me laugh, I felt he was overreacting. But now, having heard this thing about cuddly items in the bedroom, I’m thinking that maybe I should have taken his reaction more seriously (what did I know? You live and learn, right!) So maybe I should put the cushions elsewhere. I will sulk about that though!

I have a few landscape paintings above my bed, I made them myself. And they got to go somewhere, so why not there? But lovely as they are, they don’t inspire love and romance, but rather solitude and serenity.
I want a different painting there, one that does inspire love, maybe a little passion, as I’m quite a passsionate person. I still had a large canvas to paint, so I prepped it. The theme for the painting will be “Love, Romance & Passion”.
And you know what? I haven’t a clue what should go on there? Isn’t that something! I’m trying to visualize what love, romance and passion mean to me, so I can paint it. And I really don’t know!

For now it remains a white canvas. Sort of like my love life ..